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Pedro Arrizabalaga is one of Spain’s best gun makers. They build a traditional Holland & Holland type sidelock easy-opening action with the look and feel of a fine English double.

Pedro Arrizabalaga guns are manufactured in Elgoibar, in the heart of Basque gun making region in the north of Spain. William Larkin Moore & Co. has been importing the fine Arrizabalaga shotguns and has had excellent success with them.

The Model Heavy Scroll is a traditional game gun with Holland & Holland style engraving that is completely done by hand.

The Model Fine Scroll is a similar gun with the Purdey style engraving.

Arrizabalaga also has traditional of features of a higher quality gun with action shaping; beaded fences, and sculpturing, H&H type easy-opening mechanism, chopper lump barrels, automatic ejectors, and hand detachable locks and articulated front triggers, and select walnut are standard. On custom orders, barrel lengths & chokes, and the stock dimensions are built to customer specifications.

Extra sets of the same gauge barrels, three types of top rib, single trigger, pistol grip stock and beavertail forearm, and fancy Turkish or English walnut are all available as extra cost options.

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