Chapuis Armes brings traditional Express rifles American hunters

Chapuis UGEX

Chapuis RGEX

Boss-Verrees model

We would like to introduce you to the well known French firm of Chapuis Armes, a remarkable gunmaker from the hills overlooking Saint Etienne, France.

This company makes no compromises or short cuts in the manufacturing process where every detail is painstakingly taken into account. From the selection and quality of the wood, the magnificent detailing and engraving of the actions to the labor intensive regulation of the barrels; nothing is left to chance.

Their guns are entirely manufactured in their own facility and are fitted and finished by hand in the old world methods passed down from generation to generation.

The stock wood comes from centuries old walnut trees that are from the Caucasus area and then hand carved and fitted to each gun by their stock makers who finish the stocks by hand rubbing many coats of oil to produce a virtually waterproof finish that reveals the extraordinary contrast and textures of the unique wood selected.

Chapuis has managed to preserve the eternal, classical lines and balance which have been the hallmark of Chapuis guns since the beginning and the shooting and hunting public has given this company a solid endorsement for their efforts.

Whether you are in the market for a classic big bore double rifle, a take-down travel ready bolt action or a sleek round body game gun for wingshooting, Chapuis Armes offers a model to suit your passion for hunting.

William Larkin Moore & Sons inventories the Chapuis Express rifles in their most popular models and calibers.

UGEX , This is a full featured Express rifle that has a scalloped and sculptured receiver, full coverage ornamental engraving, automatic ejectors, a quarter rib that is pre-machined to accept factory scope bases, and has a hand rubbed oil finish stock of select Turkish Walnut with cheek piece. All this make the UGEX the best value in an entry level double rifle and is available in calibers suitable for most North American game such as .30-30 win, 7x65R, 8x57JRS, .30-06 and 9.3x74R

RGEX, Similar to the UGEX except it has a higher level of fit and finish, a relief ornamental scroll engraving, a classic English style cheek piece, a long tang guard bow and sculptured steel grip cap and fancy Turkish walnut.

BROUSSE Has the feature of the RGEX plus a heavy duty reinforced Magnum action suitable for calibers used to hunt the world’s most dangerous game. Other extras include: quarter rib with English style 3 leaf express sights, select Turkish Walnut fitted with a Decelerator recoil pad and ABS case. Available in .375 H&H and.470 NE.

BROUSSE SPECIAL Has all of the features of the BROUSSE but has a case colored receiver with gold inlay bust of a Cape Buffalo on the bottom and fancy Turkish Walnut.

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