The Essence of Kemen

Since its inception in 1990, Kemen has quickly mastered the right blend of quality work and cutting-edge technology, and is now part of the select group of manufacturers that make up the world elite of fine, top-quality shotguns. Whether designed for different types of competitive shooting, wild bird hunting with beaters or traditional hunting with hounds and stalking, Kemen shotguns are both balanced and beautiful. Marksmen around the world have won competitions with Kemen shotguns.

All Kemen products are hand-configured, manufactured and finished in accordance with the strictest traditions of their gunsmiths, using technologically advanced materials and cutting-edge machinery combined with stunning walnut woods and exquisite craftsmanship. Mechanics are guaranteed for up to 8 years and new models are put through rigorous research, development and testing before being launched on the market.

Single or double trigger models are available, and all shotguns feature Kemen’s patented removable breechblock system that has been internationally hailed for its reliability and comfort. Easily removable with a small key, Kemen can supply a spare breechblock that can be quickly replaced whenever you need.

Stock varieties available are English, pistol grip and semi-pistol grip, all made from fine and extra-fine woods. Forends can be fine or beavertail. Barrels range from 70 – 81 cm and are available in either centered shot or with shot displacement, allowing the lead to be distributed to your taste such as raising the shot with a displacement of 60/65% upwards and 40/35% downwards. Barrels are also available with either tapered or cylindrical bore.

All Kemen shotguns are supplied in leather cases, along with a set of replacement springs and firing pins.

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