Rizzini B.

Rizzini B builds a well-finished boxlock ejector over/under that is available in all gauges and in many different configurations. Rizzini B. guns are manufactured in Marcheno, in the famous Val Trompia gun-making region of Italy.

These guns combine the best of modern computerized machine work with careful hand finishing, to produce a gun that is a value and is aesthetically more pleasing than other guns in today’s market. All Rizzini B. guns have special steel barrels which are proof-tested at 1200 Bars, as well as pattern-tested at the factory.

The Artemis and Aurum models are production guns, built to standard specifications and are a real value for the price. The EL models, which include the Upland El, the Aurum Light EL and the Artemis Deluxe, feature higher grade wood, wood finish, checkering, long guardbow tang and checkered butt. They can be ordered to customer specifications with either straight grip or round knob semi-pistol grip, solid or vent rib, fixed choke or choke tubes and single or double triggers. Also available are multi-gauge field sets with .410, 28 or 20 gauge barrels in any combination. These sets are available in EL or high-grade level guns only. On custom orders, the stock dimensions, chokes and barrel length may be specified.

The high grade models are available with or without sideplates in four engraving styles that include game scenes with gold inlays, ornamental scroll and an English pattern with game scene cameos.

Rizzini B. also offers trunk cases of either leather or ABS plastic fitted to these guns.


These high-grade models (780EMEL, 790EMEL, 782EMEL and 792EMEL) are completely hand finished and engraved to a very high standard. All feature wood of exceptional figure and color with very fine checkering.
The model 780 and 790 do not have sideplates. The 780EMEL features game scenes engraving and the 790EMEL (not shown) features an Italian style relief ornamental scroll.

The models 782 and 792 have non-functional side plates, which provide a platform for special engravings.
The 782EMEL (above) has full-featured game scenes with gold inlays.
The 792EMEL (below) has fine English scroll with cameo game scenes without gold.
The Upland El is a model unique to William Larkin Moore & Co. and features hand engraving, EL features (wood, wood finish, checkering, long guardbow tang and checkered butt). It is offered in 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410 and is available in two or three gauge multi-barrel sets. Multi-gauge sets feature a separate forearm for each gauge. Not shown, the Upland EL Classic, which features straight grip stock, solid rib, double triggers and fixed chokes. The Artemis Deluxe has all of the upgraded EL features (wood, wood finish, checkering, long guardbow tang and checkered butt) and features side plates with game scene engravings with gold inlays.
The Aurum Light EL features an alloy receiver that is nickel-plated and is extra lightweight, (approximately 6 1/4 pounds in 12 or 16 gauge, 5 1/2 pounds in 20, 28 or .410 gauge). The Aurum Light EL has all of the EL upgrades, (wood, wood finish, checkering, long guardbow tang and checkered butt) and is fully engraved and has gold inlays. The Artemis has a sideplate action and is built to field specifications. It is machine engraved with game scenes that are retouched by hand. The Artemis comes with a case colored receiver and a round knob, semi pistol grip stock. The barrels are 28 inches and screw-in chokes are standard in 12, 20, 28 and .410 gauges. Improved cylinder and modified fixed chokes are standard on the 16 gauge.

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